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GAF Warranty Options

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GAF Warranty Options

Investing in a new roof can be an expensive endeavor but the process can be even more costly when problems arise from improper installation and faulty materials. That’s where a warranty comes into play. There are numerous warranty options that should be looked into before investing in a new roof. Do investigate what’s out there before you rush into the roof of your dreams, as you want that new roof to be a permanent fixture, not one that requires constant repair or replacement. So, just what are the current GAF protection and warranty options available today?

Protective Factors

  • When it comes to protection through a warranty, whatever is being covered will depend on the GAF warranty selected, of which there are currently four, one of which deals with shingles and accessories.
  • If defective materials are the case, they are going to be covered for a limited time, and any coverage will be applied to the specific product item or items.
  • Actual workmanship coverage will depend on the warranty chosen and the contractor who installed the roof.

GAF Warranty Comparison

GAF Shingle & Accessory Warranty

This warranty is considered a base coverage, which includes total roofing system coverage at 100 percent with an allowance of 10 years for materials that are determined defective. The labor cost for installation is included as well for a 10 year period. Items that are considered accessories and qualify as GAF products will also be part of the 10 year period. Shingles that qualify as GAF products are also covered for wind damage up to 130 miles per hour.

Any shingle that is associated with GAF production is subject to numerous inspections and repetitive testing, which suggests that any deterioration is unlikely, but it can occur on occasion and can be costly to repair and replace. GAF is aware of what can happen and has formulated coverage for GAF Lifetime Designer Shingles at 30 years, while GAF Timberline Lifetime shingles have 25 years of coverage, and GAF 3-Tab Shingles have 20 years of coverage.

System Plus Limited Warranty

System Plus is a recommended warranty as the benefits are substantial. One hundred percent coverage is provided for up to a 50 year period that includes material defects as well as the total roofing system for a residence. In addition, the labor costs for installation are included for a lifetime period. Workmanship defects are also covered for a lifetime and, in addition, the warranty allows 100 percent coverage for defects that involve workmanship, for up to a two year period. Wind coverage is also provided for 130 miles per hour wind speeds.

Silver Pledge Warranty

This warranty fits in the better range and includes 100 percent coverage for an entire roofing system and lifetime coverage, up to 50 years, for installation labor costs. Workmanship coverage is at 100 percent and is supported by GAF workmanship factors for 10 years. Also included and covered are misapplication of flashing as well as tear-off costs, defects, and other misapplications. The Silver Pledge also assures certified GAF contractor installations and transfer of warranty.

Golden Pledge Ltd. Warranty

The GAF Golden Pledge Ltd. Warranty is considered the best available warranty, as it provides coverage for an entire roofing system, has 50 years of direct, 100 percent coverage and has lifetime coverage for any labor involved with installation. Workmanship is also covered at 100 percent and is supported by GAF for 25 to 30 years. Any misapplications, tear-offs, manufacturing defects and disposal cost involving defects and misuses are also covered under this plan. As with the Silver Pledge and all GAF installations, roofing contractors are factory certified, and the warranty is transferable.

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