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BMR Company Roofing Services

When you work with BMR Company, you can expect timely work from our professional team. From leaks to hurricane damage, inspections and cleanings, or gutters and downspouts, our experienced crew can take care of your residential or commercial roofing project.


Please don’t get caught off-guard with sudden, costly roof repairs. We recommend homeowners to keep a close eye on their roof and look out for signs that may indicate there is a costly roof problem brewing. Call BMR Company for a free evaluation of what may be developing with your roof condition. Our mission is to save you money, so please routinely inspect your roof and contact us for a free roof inspection.

Hurricane Damage Roof Repair

When hurricanes or tropical storms strike, the expertise of BMR Building Solutions is your first line of defense for roof repair and restoration. Renowned across Northwest Florida for our quality and affordability, we specialize in swiftly addressing storm damage to roofs, ensuring your property is protected against further damage. Our experienced team excels in storm damage roof inspections, repairs, and replacements, utilizing their extensive experience to mitigate the effects of water intrusion and high winds with precision. As Florida locals, we understand the stress that comes with storm damage and are committed to a straightforward approach to roof repair so you can move forward with confidence, knowing your roof is in capable hands.


Ensure your roof is secure, within code, and energy efficient with help from BMR Company. If you need your roof inspected to comply with new construction or to meet requirements from your insurance company, our team will thoroughly inspect every single aspect of your residential or commercial building roof.


When the wind blows, it not only provides respite from the heat, but can also deposit leaves and other items on your roof. Instead of climbing up to clean the roof by yourself, leave it to the professionals from BMR Company.

Get reasonable roof cleaning rates for your residential or commercial roof and prompt service from our experienced crew.


Let's get started on your roofing project today.